Reasons you keep getting pimples

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Whether you’re someone who only has to deal with the odd pimple every now and again, or are suffering from a serious bout of adult acne, I am  sure you’ve noticed that many of your breakouts have a tendency to reappear, with many popping up in exactly the same spot.

Today I would like to share with you the different reasons why pimples keep popping up in the same spot.

  1. Hormones -Your hormones play a significant role in determining when you breakout. Hormones are carried through your blood stream and travel right to the hair follicles and oil glands on your skin, any hormonal imbalance can trigger a production of excess sebum in the pores, which in turn causes you to breakout.

    This is why pimples – specifically along your neck, chin and lower jawbone – are so common when your hormones are out of whack ( throughout puberty or during that time of the month).

  2. Regularly touching your face –                                                                       regularly touching your face or resting your chin on your hands causes the dirt and bacteria to transfer from your hands onto your face. This will not only aggravate and worsen existing pimples, but it will “add more oil and bacteria to the situation, especially if your hands have not been washed and could lead to pimples appearing in the same spot.
  3. Not changing your pillowcase regularly -Oils from your skin absorb into your pillowcase while you’re sleeping, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria over time. “You may notice that one side of your face gets worse breakouts than the other and you’ll find that side is probably the one you sleep on!”

    So Ladies… get your pillows changed at least once a week

  4. Sleeping in your make up –

     if you go to bed with makeup on or simply don’t cleanse your skin properly before bed, all the oil and sweat your skin has secreted during the day, as well as your makeup, absorbs back into your skin overnight . This then causes a build-up of dirt and oil within your pores, which in turn cause breakouts to occur.


    These are only few, obviously lots of the pimples are diet related, how you look after your skin, the products you use, if you clean your make up brushes after every use…


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