Eyebrow Service

The perfect brow can actually become an alternative to a face lift. A well manicured brow frames the eyes to create a youthful and sophisticated look. If your eyebrows are not proportioned, it overwhelms the face. Olivia is all about repair, regrowth and maintenance. 

Full Brow Treatment   £18 - €20


Includes consultation, custom eyebrow tinting and  waxing or tweezing and demonstration of how to fill and maintatin your brows between visits

5-8 weeks of outgrow ( no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming) is required before initial appoitments to achieve optimal results

Brow Shape  £10 - €10


Open your face and frame your eyes with naturally contoured eyebrows. Shape is tailor designed for each individual to bring out a full natural looking brow with arch that lifts the face

Brow Tint Touch up  £10 - €12


Thicken, fill out and completely change the shape of your eyebrows with custom blend tint

Eyelash Tint   £10 - €12

15 minutes

Personalised colour chosen according to your colouring